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 Business Translation
  Business documents, publication / presentation documents,
Business practice or industrial law related documents and company regulations, etc.

IT Translation
  User manuals, technical references, computer-related technical documents etc.  

 Patent Translation
  Patent translations
Various patent-related documents, such as patent descriptions

 Technical Translation
  Machines, electronics, engineering. Various product manuals etc.  

 Medical Translation
  Medicine, pharmaceuticals, dentistry, academic papers in the biology field, various literature and reports  

 Legal affairs / law Translation
  License agreements, sales contracts, agreements for distributing agents and various other agreements  

 Legal Translation & Certification Translation

Translation of documents to be submitted to public institutions or government offices inside/outside Japan as well as obtaining certificates.

Family registers, residence certificates, marriage / birth / death certificates, copy of registers, articles of incorporation, financial statements, tax payment certificates, employment certificates, others.


 Finance Translation

Finance, securities, accounting, fiscal, tax practice, insurance. Annual reports, financial statements etc.


 General documents, other technical translation

Newspaper articles, reports, general documents, sports, resumes, letters etc.


 Acquisition of notarization

Notary office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies


 Proofreading, rewriting

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