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Privacy Policy

At K SOFT, as an entity to carry out business activity in the information service sector, to appropriately protect and manage private information, we have set a compliance program which is in accordance with the Japan Industrial Standard "Requirements of Compliance Program on Personal Information Protection” (JIS Q 15001), and thoroughly implement this throughout all staffs in the company.
  1. In times of collection, usage and provision of personal information, clear objective will be specified and handle it appropriately.
  2. Necessary prevention and correction measures will be implemented against unauthorized access, and loss, destruction, tampering and leakage of personal information.
  3. We will comply to the rules and regulation and other codes related to the personal information.
  4. Management system for protecting personal information will be implemented and continuous improvement will take place.

President and CEO Ken Kato

Our company will not collect or use personal information of those who have accessed to our website without prior consent.

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