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 Standard Price


Standard Rate

(per 200 word in original text)
(per 400 characters in original text)

General subject

From 3,200 JPY

From 4,400 JPY

Computer, IT

From 3,400 JPY

From 4,600 JPY

Machine, industrial technology

From 3,400 JPY

From 5,500 JPY

Legal, contract document, patents

From 4,000 JPY

From 5,800 JPY

Financial, securities, economy

From 4,800 JPY

From 6,200 JPY

Engineering, architecture

From 4,500 JPY

From 6,000 JPY

Catalogue, advertisement

From 5,000 JPY

From 7,500 JPY

Medical, pharmaceutical

From 5,000 JPY

From 7,500 JPY

Humanity, society

From 3,600 JPY

From 4,800 JPY

Natural science

From 3,200 JPY

From 4,400 JPY

  • Discount will be applied depending on the volume, continuity etc.
  • Requests other than translation, such as precise layout, tabulation, drawing, etc. will be quoted separately.
  • The minimum volume for a single order should be more than 5,000 JPY.
  • There is a case where we ordered translation to another company, which had offered reasonable a unit price, however, the total price was comparably high because the volume of the completed translation had unexpectedly increased. In order to prevent such an issue,
    K SOFT quotes by the volume of the original text, so that you can determine the final cost and order us without worry.

     Features & PR

    [ Free Quality Check & Report Campaign – Til end December 2007]

    Free campaign has been upgraded.
    K SOFT offers quality checks of your translation free!
    Quality of English (Accuracy & Appropriateness)
    * Accuracy: Spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency etc.
    * Appropriateness: Title/labeling, writing style, vocabulary, length of text and paragraphs etc.
    We also send you a report as below:

    Example of translation quality free report
    General assessment: We concluded that every page needs re-translation. There are many mistakes in spelling and articles. In addition, the composition is complicated and does not sound like natural English. As seen on the Company History Page, the translation is not in an English style suitable for the page contents. We also offer reminders of specific correction points, which relate to the above advice.

    This is a Special project limited till end of December 2007.

    Target languages: English<>Japanese, Japanese<>Chinese, Japanese<>Hangeul

    Application: Please directly contact us to apply (see “Contact”). This campaign is limited to companies and corporations.

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